Todd Karpa is the main DJ and owner of AvaRocK Entertainment but not the "only" DJ.  Coming from and still a part of Outland Sound Productions as well as First Class Entertainment, not to mention other DJ friends he has met from being in the business for over 20 years, you will always be able to meet and book a DJ through AvaRocK.
My love for music began when I was very young with my parents playing Oldies and Doo Wop in the house and car.  This is the time that I also got into Elvis and in 4th grade did my first Elvis impersonation (which I have built upon and still do to this day).  Then as I got older I started going through their record collection of Motown, funk/disco, and rock.  As I grew, I began to find my own likes and dislikes in the ever growing genres of pop music.  Obviously the Bubblegum Pop was something you can’t escape when you are young, as well as Classic Rock while living in Pittsburgh.  This was also the time when Hip Hop was just starting and was a big thing for any young music lover.
Stepping into my late teens I started to actually DJ my parent’s famous New Year’s Eve parties, along with high school and college house parties with only a  single book of 100 CDs and whatever there was to play them on (this is truly where it all began).  Going off to college at Edinboro, and then Robert Morris I earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communications. To which I continued my dream to be a Professional DJ by doing an internship at 91.3 WYEP, learning that DJing parties and radio are pretty different, but this also opened up other genres of music that I wasn’t fully aware of.  After my internship was up I scored the late shift on WYEP as DJ Coop, where I played most of my favorite party songs, as well as giving some background info on the artists or the songs themselves.
During this time I also started to mobile DJ professionally taking on any paying gig.  This is where I found knack for running wedding receptions.  Meeting with the Bride and Groom and taking on their stress to make sure their big day was not only stress free but also fun and entertaining. I have been a professional mobile DJ for 20 years now, where I have not only learned how to talk to people but how to listen and read the crowd in order to choose the right music to play at the right time.  Although I still will have fun and take on any gig from Sweet 16’s to Oldies parties, I have found that my bread and butter is the wedding reception.  After all there really isn’t anything better than celebrating love with music and dancing, and just knowing that you have helped make the Bride and Groom’s special day that much better.
My favorite genres of music still hold true from my youth, Oldies/Doo-Wop, Funk, & Hip Hop (Old & New School) with Classic and Alt. Rock sprinkled in there. I truly am a fan of all music.
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You Never Know When "The King" May Make An Apperance!

Company Namesake 

"The King"

My Second: Jeff Dusch

Playing Everything from Doo Wop to Hip Hop
We know our music and can fit your favorite genre into any event
Here are four very different weddings, one has a hip hop feel, the other country, a standards wedding, and one that was more alt rock.  We like to make each event it's own based on our client's musical preferences.